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Art Inspiration

I never thought that by reading a fantasy book that I’d have such a variety of ideas for art! Every page that I read is filled with beautiful scenes, creepy things, interesting characters, and intense battles! All of which, I intend to express artistically. I am currently reading “The Door Within” trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson and it is very imaginative…with a biblical message. With so much detail in the chapters it is impossible NOT to picture the world around you as described in the book. The only way I can settle down from reading it is to paint or draw it!

I recommend reading it. It is a great fantasy story!


New Pages

I have added some new pages. One shows my paintings and drawings. And if you look at the side bar you’ll see that I added a “Links” menu. In that menu is a link to my glogster profile. Take a look and see what you think. (Comments appreciated).


So a teacher at my school introduced me to this awesome website called Glogster.com. You make a profile and then proceed to create your poster. This is no ordinary poster. My teacher said it was “like a poster on steroids”. She was right. They have a lot of features like adding videos, music, pictures, text, and uploading your own graphics to add and lay out however you wish. Head over and check it out–and post a comment with a link to your glogs; I can’t wait to see!